Yuzvendra Chahal shared photos with Rohit Sharma captioned “Senorita” | Rohit Sharma got ‘Senorita’, gave ‘Phool’, people liked

New Delhi: India beat England (IND vs ENG) by 66 points in the 3-game ODI Series opener. With the victory, India took a 1-0 lead in the series. After the first game, Indian opener Rohit Sharma and leg thrower Yuzvendra Chahal were seen having fun together.

Chahal became the Senorita de Rohit

Yuzvendra Chahal shared photos with Rohit Sharma on his social media. In these photos, Rohit gives a flower to Chahal. Meanwhile, both players look very happy. Chahal wrote in the caption of this photo, “Senorita”. Chahal also put some funny emojis with it. People are reacting in a funny way to this photo of Chahal and Rohit.

The Rohit-Chahal duo is a success

The duo of Rohit Sharma and Yuzvendra Chahal is a real success. These couples are often seen joking around in the world off the pitch. Please say that in this photo of Chahal, Rohit’s wife Ritika Sajdeh posted an emoji. While Chahal’s wife Dhanashree commented and wrote that the two did not have to request this pose. Thanks to the photo clicker.

Rohit injured at bat

Rohit Sharma was injured in the first ODI against England. In fact, a fast paced bullet from Mark Wood hit Rohit’s elbow, after which Rohit Sharma appeared in pain and the medical staff had to come to the ground. After that, Rohit didn’t even enter the pitch to field and Suryakumar Yadav replaced him. Rohit Sharma will no longer play in the second game. A BCCI source told PTI: “Even Rohit Sharma, an experienced opener, will not be in the next game.”

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