Yusuf Pathan announced his retirement from all forms of cricket | Yusuf Pathan, who made his World Cup final debut, says goodbye to cricket

New Delhi: Indian fast batsman Yusuf Pathan has announced his retirement from all formats of cricket. Yusuf (Yusuf Pathan) hadn’t played a game for the Indian team for a long time, which is why he decided to say goodbye to cricket.

Start in 2007

Yusuf Pathan started his international career in 2007. In the T20 World Cup final against Pakistan in 2007, Yusuf Pathan took first place in the team. The peculiarity is that India also won this World Cup. It was the first time in cricket history when a player made his World Cup final and won with the team.

I sincerely thank my family, friends, fans, teams, coaches and the whole country for all my support and love. #retirement pic.twitter.com/usOzxer9CE

– Yusuf Pathan (@iamyusufpathan) February 26, 2021

Last game played in 2012

Yusuf Pathan played his last game for India in March 2012. Yusuf has never been able to find a place in the squad since. He played a total of 57 ODI and 22 T20s for India, in which he scored 810 and 236 points respectively.

World Cup winners have been included in the squad

Yusuf Pathan is one of the Indian players who have been part of the squad in 2 World Cup victories. Yusuf was part of the squad in the 2007 T20 World Cup victory. He was also part of the World Cup one-day squad found in 2011.

Had scored a century in 37 bullets

Yusuf Pathan is the second-fastest drummer to score a century in the IPL. He scored a century in 37 balls against the Mumbai Indians in 2010. The fastest century record in IPL is in the name of Chris Gayle, who scored a century in 30 balls in 2012. Yusuf made 3,204 races in 174 IPL matches.

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