WWE: Raquel Gonzalez Breaks Wall and Launches Lo Shirai, Video Goes Viral On Social Media | WWE Mortal Kombat Wall Thrown Watch Viral Video

New Delhi: On WWE Day you hear a unique anecdote. Several times in WWE there are such fierce battles, the videos of which are extremely viral on social media. One of these incredible video fighters, Raquel Gonzalez and Lo Shirai (Lo Shirai), was also seen. In this video, we see these two superstars fighting dangerously.

I threw the wall to the other side

In the whole fight between Raquel Gonzalez and Lo Shirai, Raireel kills Shirai a lot. Rackle doesn’t even let Shirai stand in front of her. WWE has shared a video of the fight between these two on their official account. In this video, Raikel beats Shirai and in the meantime, hugs her and throws her to the other side, breaking the wall. This video is from WWE NXT. This video of the two fighters is shared fiercely on social networks.

There is a lot of news in between

There are great battles between the WWE NXT between Raquel Gonzalez and Lo Shirai. The discussion of how these two fight is often quite extensive. The two are called Arch Rivals of Fighter NXT and the in-ring rivalry of the two is in a lot of news these days.

Raquel’s father is also a fighter

Ricky Gonzalez, the father of Raquel Gonzalez, was also a professional fighter. Raquel’s real name is Victoria Gonzalez. Speaking of Lo Shirai, his real name is Masami Odate and he is from Japan.

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