The UK Entrusts Olly Alexander with Eurovision 2024 Performance

In a thrilling announcement during the Grand Final of BBC One’s Strictly Come Dancing, acclaimed artist Olly Alexander revealed that he will proudly represent the United Kingdom at the 68th Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö, Sweden, scheduled for May. The surprising news, delivered to an elated studio audience and millions of viewers across the UK, marks a significant moment in Olly’s career.

Expressing his excitement, Olly conveyed his deep-rooted love for Eurovision, recalling childhood memories of the event’s unbridled joy, eclectic musical styles, theatrical performances, and the perfect blend of heartfelt emotion and humor. Emphasizing the honor it brings, Olly expressed his joy at contributing to the special legacy of Eurovision and representing the UK in a distinctly vibrant manner.

The decision to participate in Eurovision aligns with Olly’s desire to release music under his own name, marking the beginning of a new chapter in his artistic journey. Determined to give his all, he promised to deliver an outstanding and unforgettable performance for audiences worldwide.

Olly Alexander, a trailblazing modern pop star, has achieved immense success with three highly praised albums. His accolades include two #1 UK albums, 10 UK Top 40 singles, and the prestigious BRIT Billion Award, recognizing his global impact with 6.5 billion streams. The transition of Years & Years into a solo project has further solidified Olly’s status as a once-in-a-generation voice.

The Russell T Davies show “It’s A Sin,” featuring Olly Alexander, received acclaim, winning Best New Drama at the National Television Awards. Additionally, Olly earned a nomination for Leading Actor at the 2022 BAFTA Television Awards. His iconic status was immortalized at Madame Tussauds London, highlighting his significant contribution to British culture.

Olly’s musical prowess extends to collaborations with legendary artists such as Sir Elton John, Kylie, and Pet Shop Boys. The anticipation for his Eurovision entry, co-written with Danny L Harle, builds as fans eagerly await its reveal.

The 68th Eurovision Song Contest is scheduled to unfold in Malmö, Sweden, with the First Semi-Final on Tuesday, May 7, the Second Semi-Final on Thursday, May 9, and the Grand Final on Saturday, May 11, 2024. As Olly Alexander steps onto the Eurovision stage, he not only represents the UK but also adds his unique flair to the grand tradition of this international musical celebration.

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