With this action from R Ashwin Ashwin, IPL came into the earthquake, know what’s going on in Mankading cricket. News in Hindi

New Delhi: The ‘Mankanding controversy’ was much discussed during a game between the Punjab Kings and the Rajasthan Royals at the 2019 IPL tournament. In this game, then-Kings XI Punjab captain Ravichandran Ashwin , gave a run against the Rajasthan Royals without throwing the ball to Jos Buttler at the non-hitting end and unleashed the ‘Mankanding controversy’.

Ashwin fired without warning

Ravichandran Ashwin made Butler the victim of “Mankading” for the first time in IPL history. At the time, Butler was playing 69 balls on 43 balls and Ashwin fired him from Mankading without warning, which also raised questions about his playing spirit. Under the rules of the game, the third referee gave Butler, but such wickets are considered contrary to the spirit of the game. After that, there was a heated debate between Butler and Ashwin.

Ashwin gave this answer on Mankading

After the game, when Ashwin was asked about Mankading and sportsmanship, he said: “ On my side it was very comfortable. It wasn’t a plan or anything like that. This is in the rules of the game. Explain that if the batsman at the other end of the game comes out of the crease before the bowler leaves the ball, then it is called Mankading to run out.

Kapil Dev also did Mankading

Among the Indians, Kapil Dev sacked Peter Kirsten of South Africa from Mankading during the 1992–93 series. At the same time, in domestic cricket, spinner Murali Karthik sidelined Bengal Sandipan Das in a similar Ranji Trophy match. Ravichandran Ashwin still discusses this rule. Ashwin will play for the Delhi capitals during IPL 2021, which starts on April 9.

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