When the bullet suddenly disappeared in the middle, no one could stop laughing when it was revealed. News in Hindi

New Delhi: IPL Season 14 will start from April 9, so players from India and around the world are ready to show their strength together on the pitch. There was good coordination of controversies and interesting stories with the IPL.

The ball had disappeared from the middle ground

During the IPL 2019, such an incident happened on the pitch, which made everyone laugh. In fact, during a game between the Royal Challengers Bangalore and the Kings XI Punjab in IPL 2019, the ball suddenly disappeared from the middle ground. After the middle ball suddenly disappeared, everyone started to wonder, but soon after it was revealed that everyone was surprised to know where the ball was.

Referee’s pocket ball

In fact, the ball came from the referee’s pocket. It happened that the Royal Challengers Bangalore scored 109 for 4 wickets in 14 overs after losing the draw in that game. After that, a strategic downtime was taken. After a two and a half minute break, all players were on the ground, but no one knew where the ball was. Punjab’s fast bowler Ankit Rajput even prepared for the race. But when he asked the captain for the ball, it was found that the ball had been lost on the pitch.

Referee Shamsuddin’s Pocket Ball

The two referees also began to wonder about the ball. After that, a new ball was called. As soon as the new ball arrived, referee Shamsuddin put his hand in his pocket and then learned that the ball was with him. Shamsuddin kept the ball in his pocket before the time out.

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