Washington Sundar named his new dog Gabba and shared a photo on social media | Washington Sundar names his dog in Australia’s Great Stadium, Rea will surprise you

New Delhi: Indian star Washington Sundar named her dog after the famous Gaba (Gabba) cricket ground in the city of Brisbane, Australia. Sundar shared a photo of his pet dog on social media. In the caption of this photo, Sundar informed that he named his dog Gaba.

The reason is special

Sundar (Washington Sundar) named his dog Gabba. Gaba is the ground on which India beat Australia in the fourth test match and won their second consecutive historic series. India were chasing a big goal of 328 points in the second inning of this game. Rishabh Pant (Rishabh Pant), playing a superb unbeaten set of 89 points, bagged this test for India, after which India won this series 2-1. It was the first victory for any team after 32 years on Gabba’s pitch over Australia.

Love is a four-legged word. World, meet Gabba! pic.twitter.com/I1O76Jm63o

– Washington Sundar (@ Sundarwashi5) April 3, 2021

Sundar (Washington Sundar) also played an important role in this game. Sundar had scored 62 points in the opening innings. During the second inning, he scored 22 points on 29 balls and shared a 53-point partnership for the sixth wicket with Rishabh Pant. The special thing is that Sundar made his Test debut in this match. Sundar shared a photo of his dog on social media. In the caption of this photo, he wrote: ‘The four-legged word is love. Meet Gaba.

An opinion was requested a few days before the fans

Sundar (Washington Sundar) had asked his fans a few days ago for his opinion on social networks for the name of his new dog. Fans had also given Sundar various names as their opinion. Not only that, some fans had asked Sundar to name his dog Gaba. Now, it looks like Sundar only made that decision after listening to these fans.

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