Virushka’s birthday: Anushka Sharma watch and bracelet are lucky for Virat Kohli | Virushka birthday: Anushka Sharma’s secret is Virat Kohli’s biggest secret to success

New Delhi: The journey from the start of Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma’s love story to their marriage has been unmatched. These two have stood tall in every happiness and every difficulty and this is the reason why fans love the Virat-Anushka pair very much. The couple took seven turns on December 11, 2017 and today their marriage has been concluded for 3 years. This anniversary is very special because now a little guest will enter the life of this powerful couple. In January next month, the New Year will bring a new chapter in Virushka’s life.

Virushka is also absent for her birthday

Virat Kohli is currently touring Australia, so this year the two lovebirds have to celebrate their wedding anniversary separately. But Virat will return to India after playing the first Test. Fans are also desperate to see Virushka together.

Kohli’s ‘Virat’ career after Anushka

Since Anushka Sharma entered Virat’s life, he has never looked back in his life and career. In 2013, the love affair of these two began, after which Virat became the captain of the test team in 2015 and then of the ODI team in 2017.

Whether as a batsman or as a captain, Virat has taken Team India to new heights in every way.

Lucky is Anushka’s play

Anushka is very lucky for Virat Kohli in her life, but there is a big secret behind it. Anushka wears a watch and bracelet every time she comes to attend Virat’s game. In fact, despite such a large collection of watches, after all, why is she wearing only one watch in the Virat match. Anushka’s watch and bracelet are believed to act as a trick for Virat.

Even before her wedding, when Anushka Sharma came to cheer Virat, she still wore this stand. Whatever IPL season she came to cheer on Virat, she only has one watch and a bracelet in her hand.

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