Virender Sehwag says T Natarajan never believed he could play for India, also suggesting taking part in 2021 T20 World Cup | Virender Sehwag said T Natarajan is not sure he will play for Team India

New Delhi: Team India’s T Natarajan miraculously emerged from the current Australian tour. Now they are known as the Yorker King of India. He had the opportunity to play in the ODI and the T20 series, which Natarajan bought back. Natarajan took 5 wickets including the first two matches of the T20 series.

The 2021 T20 World Cup will take place in India only. In such a situation, Virender Sehwag suggested the name of T Natarajan for this tournament. According to Sehwag, Natarajan’s involvement will bolster Team India’s bowling attack.

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Sehwag said: “If T Natarajan will play Jasprit Bumrah and Bhuvneshwar Kumar (Bhuvneshwar Kumar) in the T20 World Cup, then the Indian bowling squad will become very strong. The T20 format is something in which the bowler who scores the shortest runs today, and then tomorrow their ball will be washed.

Sehwag added, “ Although his (Natarajan) way of throwing the ball is very brilliant, whether it’s a yorker, a slow pitch or a long pitch. Bumrah also has a similar ability. After this tour he will realize the changes that this tour has brought in his career. Everyone would like to learn from them and be like them.

Virender Sehwag made a big revelation about T. Natarajan: “ He (Natarajan) once told me that he dreams of playing for India, but he himself was not sure if he would ever make it. ‘IPL. Or can play in Team India.

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