Virat Kohli Team India Captain Sanjay Manjrekar tweet Indian cricket team | Sanjay Manjrekar furious at Virat’s behavior, told Dhoni better than Kohli in this matter

New Delhi: Former Indian cricketer and commentator Sanjay Manjrekar (Sanjay Manjrekar) was very angry with the behavior of Indian team captain Virat Kohli during the press conference. When Virat Kohli asked about KL Rahul’s form at a press conference on Monday, he was furious. Virat Kohli was asked at a press conference on Monday about how the team or players are reacting to criticism.

Kohli broke in press conference

About this, Virat Kohli got furious and he said, “ From day one to the last day of my career, all of this outside stuff has been rubbish for me. Virat Kohli, on whether KL Rahul was out of shape, called things outside the squad “unnecessary”. Sanjay Manjrekar got angry about it and gave advice to Virat Kohli on Twitter.

Manjrekar goes after Kohli

Sanjay Manjrekar wrote in a tweet: ‘The outer things Virat Kohli finds garbage is really people’s reaction to your performance and it’s always been like that. When you play well, you are praised and condemned for playing badly. Virat should accept this old truth with restraint and maturity as Dhoni did.

The outward talk that Virat calls absurdity is essentially a public reaction to a public performance. And it’s always been the same – Praise when you do well, criticize when you don’t. Virat must learn to accept this secular reality with calm and maturity. Just like Dhoni did.

– Sanjay Manjrekar (@sanjaymanjrekar) March 23, 2021

What was the problem?

Just before the ODI series, Virat Kohli said in a virtual press conference: “I feel there is absolutely no patience outside of people outside of cricket. People always want to see the player fail. If a player is down, people like him more. But inside the team, we know how to manage people. We will continue to support the player.

“We will continue to support our players.” #TeamIndia captain @imVkohli emphasizes the importance of keeping players in good mental space. #INDvENG @Paytm

– BCCI (@BCCI) March 22, 2021

Defending Rahul, Kohli (Virat Kohli) resorted to a song from Rajesh Khanna’s movie “Amar Prem” and said that when people talk about a player’s poor form, I only understand one thing. Some will say that the people’s job is to say, let it go, don’t let go of the vain things.

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