Virat Kohli loses his India vs England T20I field capture record since 2019 | Ind vs Eng

Ahmedabad: Indian team captain Virat Kohli takes a very strict attitude towards fitness. This is why Virat Kohli is one of the best field players in the world. Catch the toughest holds or take runs while running, Kohli (Virat Kohli) is never left out.

Kohli made an embarrassing record

In Tuesday’s third T20 match against England, Virat Kohli has a very embarrassing record to his name. Let me tell you that in the 15th of this game, Virat Kohli gave England batsman Jos Buttler a simple take.

Kohli drains a total of 6 outlets

With this, Virat Kohli has become the most catapulting player in T20 international matches since the year 2019. Kohli (Virat Kohli) has achieved a total of 6 catches during this period, which is a very embarrassing record for a player like him.

Kohli broke Jordan’s record

Virat Kohli left behind England player Chris Jordan’s record in this affair. Chris Jordan had taken 5 catches in T20 international matches since 2019, but now Virat Kohli, who has lost 6 catches, has also left him behind.

The players who have caught the most catches in T20 international matches (since 2019)

1. Virat Kohli (India) – 6 drops
2. Chris Jordan (England) – 5 catch drop
3. Steve Smith (Australia) – 4 Catch Drops
4. Yuzvendra Chahal (India) – 4 catch drops

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