Virat Kohli is not playing a practice match, he will take advice from the Physio team | Suspense will consult Physio on Virat Kohli’s training match

Sydney: Indian team captain Virat Kohli reported last Tuesday that he made his debut against Australia-A on December 11 ahead of the first test match against Australia. May be excluded from other training matches.

The first test after the limited series between India and Australia (IND vs AUS) will take place at Adelaide Oval from December 17th to 21st. Virat Kohli will be the team’s captain in this match. After that, he will return home for the birth of his first child.

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Kohli said after India’s 12-point loss in the third and final T20 international match: “ After waking up tomorrow morning I’ll see if I can play the practice match. It is not in my hands to decide whether or not to play and I would love to play the whole game. I will go to my physiotherapist and after that I will decide to play in this match.

Australian bowlers prevented India from making a clean sweep despite Kohli’s 85 innings. India won the series 2–1. Overall, Kohli is happy that his team found out how to win under tough circumstances.

He said: “We are looking for ways to make a comeback and keep the opposing team in panic and by winning the series we have had a great end to the 2020 season.” As in the last match, Hardik Pandya was on the threshold in the final moments with Kohli and at one point he raised hopes of a victory for India.

Kohli said: “ At a time when Hardik started playing big shots, we felt like we could hit the target. We paid the brunt of the slow hitting in the middle of the overs. If there had been a 30-year partnership at the time, it would have been easy for Hardik.

Kohli also thanked the Australian sports spectators who arrived in large numbers at the stadium despite fears of the Kovid-19 outbreak. He said, “I also felt the presence of the audience. It still inspires you. On some occasions, our supporters have helped us out of this difficult situation. Australia also received very good support. We, the players, also benefited from the energy of the spectators.

After winning the T20 series Kohli is now eyeing test matches and he said the current squad is stronger than the team that won their first test series here 2 years ago. He said: “We have to take the same competitive attitude in test matches. We have experience playing here and we can score well. We have to focus on getting good scores season after season. I am convinced that the current team is stronger than the previous team.
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