Virat Kohli breaks the silence on the controversy on the pitch, gives an appropriate response to the critics. News in Hindi

New Delhi: India beat England by 10 wickets in the third game of a four-game series at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad. The last game of the series will also take place in this stadium, in front of which many veteran players have criticized the pitch of this field. Meanwhile, Indian team captain Virat Kohli has given a fitting response to those criticizing the pitch.

Kohli attacked the critics

Before the last Test in the series, Indian captain Virat Kohli attacked those critical of the pitch. Kohli (Virat Kohli) said at the press conference ahead of the final test: “ There is always more noise on the rotating grounds and a lot more talking. He said everyone is saying a lot about the spinning track. I think our media should respond to all of these people. Similar locations are found in the Indian subcontinent. My goal as a batsman is only to score so that I can win the game for the Indian team.

There is a problem with the technique, not with the terrain

Virat Kohli said players should focus on technique, not on the pitch. He said: ‘It’s unfortunate that everyone keeps talking on the set and everyone talks as long as their work is done. Then there is a test match that lasts on the fourth or fifth day, so nobody says anything, but if the test ends in two days, then everyone is in trouble. All players, not the field, should focus on correcting their technique.

India also lost the match in three days in New Zealand

Virat Kohli also mentioned a game in New Zealand. He said: “We lost in New Zealand on day three in 36 overs. I am convinced that no one here had written on the ground. It was just how poorly India played in New Zealand. He said: “No pitch was criticized, how the pitch behaved, how much the ball was moving, how much grass was there on the pitch, no one came to see it.” Be aware that on his last tour of New Zealand, the Indian batsmen were a complete failure in front of the fast New Zealand bowlers. India suffered 0-2 on this tour.

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