Virat Kohli becomes the first Indian to have 100 million followers on Instagram | Virat Kohli set new record, top cricketer with 100 million Instagram followers

New Delhi: As much as Indian team captain Virat Kohli’s fame is for his game, he’s just as much on social media. Virat Kohli has many batting records but now on Kohli a single record has been added in Kohli’s name. Kohli has 100 million followers on Instagram. Virat is the first Indian to have 100 million Instagram followers.

Fourth player with 100 million followers

Virat Kohli is the fourth player in the world to complete 100 million Instagram followers. While he is the 23rd person in the world to do this feat. Talking about the players are football stars Cristiano Ronaldo (266 million), Lionel Messi (186 million) and Neymar (147 million) before Virat Kohli. In the world of cricket, Virat is the first player to have completed 100 million followers.

Virat Kohli – the first cricket star to reach 100 million Instagram followers

– ICC (@ICC) March 1, 2021

Everyone else is far behind Virat among the Indians

Virat Kohli is the first Indian to have 100 million subscribers. After that, in this list the name of actress Priyanka Chopra (Priyanka Chopra), who has 60 million followers on Instagram. While the third issue is that of Shraddha Kapoor. Shraddha has 58 million followers on Instagram.

Millions of people get Kohli for a message

According to reports, Virat Kohli earns over one crore rupees for posting an Instagram. On the other hand, if you talk about the sponsored posts of Virat Kohli, they get around 3 crore rupees per post.

The Instagram followers of Virat Kohli’s team playing for India aren’t even half of them. BCCI’s official Instagram account is on behalf of the Indian Cricket Team, which has a total of 16.6 million followers. On the other hand, the ICC account has 16.5 million subscribers.

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