Virat Kohli becomes the first Asian and the 4th in the world to meet 90 million subscribers on Instagram | Virat Kohli achieved great status after the birth of his daughter, became the first person in Asia to reach 90 million followers

New Delhi: The year 2021 is very special for Indian team captain Virat Kohli. On January 11, Virat and Anushka Sharma became parents. A little angel has come into the life of this beautiful couple. Virat Kohli’s fans have grown since the birth of his daughter.

Virat Kohli is awesome on Instagram

Virat Kohli has had many successes in his cricket career and now whenever it comes to cricket his name is taken. In such a short time, Virat has gained great fame and is increasing day by day.

Virat Kohli has over 90 million followers on Instagram. Virat is the only Indian to have taken this step.

Not only that, no one was able to do it in all of Asia. At the same time, he became the fourth person in the world to have more than 90 million followers.

Virat-Anushka made a special call

Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma shared their fan news on social media. In addition, he requested that no photographs of his daughter be taken. In fact, this couple made the appeal with the girl’s privacy in mind. He said he wanted his daughter to be saved from the eyes of the people.

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