US to send 100 million to supply relief to India: Amore

Washington, April 29

The United States will in the future send 100 million worth of coronavirus relief supplies to India. The White House said that the first flight from the United States left for India with immediate medical supplies. The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) said the plane flew from Travis Air Force Base on Wednesday night. USAID said the first shipment consisted of 440 oxygen cylinders and regulators donated by California. In addition, USAID is sending 960,000 rapid test kits to detect coronovirus on this first flight, which will help prevent the spread of Kovid-19. In addition, 100,000 N95 masks have been sent to protect health workers in the fight against the epidemic. The White House said that during the current pandemic, thousands of Americans have been mobilized to provide oxygen equipment and other essentials to Indian hospitals in Indian state governments, private companies, NGOs, and around the country. The White House said the move reflected the solidarity of the United States with India. The White House said emergency aid sent immediately included oxygen concentrators, oxygen production units, personal protective equipment and rapid test kits. Initially 1100 cylinders of oxygen will remain in India and can be filled locally. -PTI

The United States sent the first batch of Ramdevir supplements.

According to a fact sheet released by the White House, the United States has sent the first batch of ramadasevir supplements to hospitalized patients, which will help treat 20,000 patients. The White House said that the two countries are working together in the field of global health care. In addition, the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention has procured oxygen cylinders which will be distributed to hospitals in coordination with the Government of India.

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