US promises maximum support to India: Harris: Amore

Kathmandu, 8 May

US Vice President Kamala Harris has said that the Biden administration is now committed to helping India in times of need. He said that cases of infection and deaths were on the rise during the Kovid-19 crisis and India’s well-being was of paramount importance to the United States. Harris said that the current situation in India was heartbreaking and that the entire Biden administration stood by the country in its fight against the epidemic. Harris said that India had sent help at the onset of the epidemic when beds were dwindling in American hospitals. America will now help India in its time of need. Harris said he was doing so as a member of the Asian Quad and as a friend of India as part of the global community. “I believe that if we work together in all countries, we will overcome this situation,” he said. The White House and the State Department are also coordinating with the corporate sector. The largest contribution to India is from the private sector. Indian-Americans are collecting millions of dollars. In addition, medical supplies and other essential medicines are being sent. American Surgeon General Drs. Vivek Murthy has praised the BAPS charity. This Indo-US organization is converting its temples into Kovid-19 vaccination centers. In addition, funds are being raised to help. Pramila Jaipal of the Indo-US Congress has also called for fundraising for India. -PTI

US citizens advised not to travel to Nepal

Kathmandu: The US government has advised its citizens not to travel to Nepal for the moment. The situation has worsened in Nepal due to the epidemic. Vaccines and medicines are also lacking. The United States has allowed the families of its diplomats, embassy staff and other employees to leave Nepal. Nepal has also suspended all international commercial flights. -PTI

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