US MP proposes to send aid to India: Amore

Washington, May 6

A senior American jurist has proposed sending aid to India, which is facing the second wave of the coronovirus epidemic. One female MP, Sheila Jackson-Lee, said India’s situation was “very poor” and that the United States should immediately stand up and provide all of India’s help. Earlier, United Memorial Medical Center in Houston sent Kovid-19 assistance to India. Jackson Lee said, “Today we generously propose to send all possible help to India, which is facing the Kovid-19 epidemic.” Meanwhile, several other MPs have called on India to send more aid.

A female lawmaker, Catherine Clarke, said that the United States should do so to end the crisis in India and other countries and protect people from the deadly effects of coronoviruses. “Our work as a nation will not end until an epidemic stops in every corner of the world.” , He assured India of all possible cooperation in the fight against the coronavirus epidemic. Sandhu later tweeted, “I thank the Member of Parliament for India’s support in this challenging time.”

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