US exempts certain classes, including students and journalists, from traveling to India: Amore

Washington, May 1

The US State Department said President Joe Biden’s ban on Indian travelers has exempted certain categories of students, academics, journalists and individuals. Waves arrived on May 4, just hours after Biden imposed a ban on passengers going from India to the US. Indian travelers have been banned due to the increasing outbreak of pandemic epidemics in India and the spread of various forms of pandemic in the country. According to the State Department, travel concessions have been imposed by the United States on certain categories of travelers from Brazil, China, Iran and South Africa. “In light of the State Department’s promise to exempt travelers in the United States for legitimate reasons, Secretary of State Blinkon has today decided that certain categories of Indian travelers, such as people from other countries, should be excluded. “The State Department said. Similar concessions should be given – PTI

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