US, Australia discuss tension with China: Amore

Washington: The United States and Australia are keen to increase maximum cooperation through the Quad Alliance, and the two countries have specifically discussed China in their talks. Australian Foreign Minister Maris Payne is on a visit to the United States and met his counterpart Tony Blinken. “Both countries are working with India and Japan to build an open and independent Indo-Pacific region,” the joint statement said. “We are working together to address the large and complex challenges of upholding international law in the East and South China Sea, as well as providing safe, effective covid vaccines worldwide,” he said. Payne said negotiations with the United States also focused on Australia’s relationship with China. He said that Australia wants a constructive relationship and dialogue with China. So he is always ready. Australia has had a confrontation with China over trade and other issues, and the United States has said that it will stand with Australia at all costs. -PTI

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