Urvashi Rautela after relationship rumors with goalkeeper Rishabh Pant, I don’t know any cricketers, Respect for Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli | A year after discussing the relationship with Rishabh Pant, Urvashi Rautela said: ‘I don’t know any cricketers’

New Delhi: Talks over the relationship between Indian cricketer team wicket keeper Rishabh Pant and Bollywood actress Urvashi Rautela have been quite heated, but neither of these two celebrities have ever spoken openly about that question. Now Urvashi has made a big disclosure.

‘I don’t know any cricketers’

Recently, when a fan asked Urvashi Rautela on Instagram, ‘Who is your favorite cricketer? ”. In response to that, he writes, I don’t watch cricket at all, so I don’t know any cricketers. He also said: “I have great respect for Sachin sir and Virat sir in my heart.

Pant and Urvashi were seen dating them

In 2019, Rishabh Pant and Urvashi Rautela were seen having dinner late at night at the Estella de Juhu hotel, after which news of their relationship went quite viral on social media. But then there were reports that Urvashi and Rishabh Pant’s paths parted ways and Pant blocked Urvashi on WhatsApp.

Pants blocked Urvashi on WhatsApp

In fact, at that time Rishabh Pant had no luck in the game eleven of the third and final T20 game played against Sri Lanka. At the same time, he was also in poor shape on the pitch. He was also worried about who. There was speculation that Rishabh Pant blocked Urvashi Rautela on WhatsApp due to this tension.

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Relationship with isha

Delhi Capitals captain Rishabh Pant is currently dating Isha Negi. Isha is from Dehradun and is an interior designer. Isha Negi is very active on Instagram.

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