UK: People protest and ‘liberate’ two Indians: Amore

London, 14 May

A human rights lawyer in Glasgow, Scotland, today said two Indians are being held by immigration officials and police for “immigration offenses”. Preparations were being made to confiscate them in a van and the neighbors of the Indians created an uproar and protested for about nine hours.

Chef Sumit Sahdev and mechanic Lakhvir Singh have been living in the UK for nearly ten years. On Thursday, police and immigration officials took both of them out of their home in Polkshields and taken to a detention center. Meanwhile, a huge crowd of protesters surrounded the van and demanded the release of the Indians. Pakistani-origin human rights lawyer Aamir Anwar said that the action of the Home Office on the occasion of Eid was provocative. He said that these officers do not pay much attention to the lives of the people but the people of Glasgow do. Anwar said that the city is built on the backs of refugees who have shed their blood, sweat and tears. -PTI

Lakhveer and Sumit were welcomed with applause in the mosque

Speaking in Punjabi, Lakhvir Singh and Sumit Sahadev thanked those who helped him with tears in their eyes. The duo then took the lawyer Amir Anwar to a nearby mosque where the audience welcomed him with a thunderous applause and said, “Refugees are welcome.” Both have been granted bail by the Scottish Police and have returned home with their families.

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