‘Two vaccine doses are most preventable’: Amore

London, 23 May

A new study by UK health officials has found that two doses of the covid vaccine are “the most effective” in fighting the B1.617.2 version of the coronavirus found in India. According to Public Health England, the Pfizer-Bioentec vaccine is up to 88 percent effective against strains of viruses found in India. Effective by 88%, it would be two weeks after receiving the second dose. The Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccine is up to 60 percent effective against this form. However, if both vaccines are given the same dose, it is only 33 percent effective.

The Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccine is being developed in India by the Covishield Serum Institute. Britain’s Health Minister Matt Hancock said the new evidence was important. This proves how important a second dose is to protect against Kovid. Public Health England says it wants the vaccine to be more effective so that death can be avoided and hospitalization can be avoided. -PTI

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