Vee Opens Up on Relationship with Neo, Wishes for Different Post-BBNaija Outcome

Reality TV personality Victoria Adeleye, known as Vee, recently opened up about her past relationship with Neo Akpofure, expressing a wish that they had gone their separate ways after their time together on the BBNaija lockdown season. Speaking on the Monie Talks podcast, Vee revealed that she had developed feelings for Neo during their stint on the show and actively pursued a relationship, both on and off-camera.

Reflecting on their post-show dynamics, Vee confessed that ending things after leaving the Big Brother house would have been a more straightforward and advantageous decision for both of them. She highlighted the challenges they encountered, particularly the immense social pressure, criticisms, and public scrutiny that followed their relationship during the intense lockdown season, which she deemed one of the most significant phases of the show.

Despite the hardships, Vee expressed that Neo was her primary confidant during those challenging times. She expressed her opinion, saying, “Looking back, I think it might have been better if we had gone our separate ways after leaving the house. It would have been less complicated for us. But due to the circumstances we faced, especially during the lockdown, which was a significant season marked by social pressure, insults, and criticisms, he was the only one I could truly connect with amidst all the challenges.”

Contemplating what might have been had they chosen a different path, Vee speculated that they could have remained friends today if they had decided to part ways amicably. However, she admitted that the public’s tendency to idealize celebrity relationships, expecting perfection, has made her hesitant about entering public relationships in the future.

Acknowledging this, Vee remarked, “Maybe we’d still be on good terms. Perhaps things would have taken a different turn. Maybe my perspective on relationships would be altered. But now, I’m hesitant to engage in public relationships because I’ve seen how the public quickly attaches to things and tends to perceive celebrities as individuals who don’t make mistakes.”

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