Today final match of the T20 series in Ahmedabad, these 2 players can be dismissed from Team India. News in Hindi

Ahmedabad: The final and decisive match in the T20 five-game series between India and England will be played at Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad from 7pm today. In the T20 series, the two teams are currently 2-2.

Whoever wins the series in the last T20 match will be captured. In this important game, two players can be dismissed from the eleven players of the Indian team. Let’s take a look at these 2 players who can sit down in today’s tie-breaker game.

1. Washington Beautiful

In the decisive game against England, Washington Sundar may have a chance to sit down and Rahul Tewatia. In the fourth T20 game against England, Washington Sundar scored 52 points in 4 overs. Other than that, he didn’t have a single wicket. In the fifth and final T20 game, Rahul Tewatia may prove to be a better option than Washington Sundar, who specializes in winning matches with bat and ball. Rahul Tewatiya did it at the IPL last year.

2. KL Rahul

KL Rahul could be sacked from the 11th of the game in a decisive game against England. KL Rahul’s stick gave just 15 points in the last five innings of the T20, despite being sacked three times without opening an account. In the current T20 series against England, KL Rahul scored 1, 0, 0. In this case, Shikhar Dhawan can be included in the game eleven in place of KL Rahul. Shikhar Dhawan has always proven to be a success with Rohit Sharma opening the door.

Team India has a chance to make this great record

Let us know that if India wins this T20 series against England they will win the sixth consecutive T20 international series. From the T20 international series played against Bangladesh in 2019 so far, Team India has won 5 consecutive series.

Vijay Rath started against Bangladesh

India’s successive victory in the T20 series dates back to 2019 with the T20 series against Bangladesh. Meanwhile, the Indian team won against Bangladesh (2019), West Indies (2019), Sri Lanka (2020), New Zealand (2020), Australia (2020).

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