The top 3 drummers in India only made 5 points, Team India went like that. News in Hindi

AHMEDABAD: Other than Shreyas Iyer, no Indian batsman could face the English bowlers and losing an irresponsible stick in the opening T20 game on Friday was an eight wicket loss to India.

The top 3 batsmen could only score 5 points

The Team India batsmen could not start well in the first T20. India’s top 3 batsmen could only score 5 points. Shikhar Dhawan was absent for 4 points, KL Rahul 1 point and Virat Kohli scored 0 points. This is the worst performance of Team India’s top 3 drummers in T20 history.

Rohit has become expensive to rest

Shikhar Dhawan, who entered the squad thanks to the rest of Rohit Sharma, couldn’t take the opportunity and became Wood’s first victim. At the same time, Archer sent KL Rahul to the lodge.

Rashid changed the game

After this English spinner, Adil Rashid shocked India. Rashid not only played economically but also took the valuable wicket from host captain Virat Kohli (0).

Kohli for zero 14 times

Kohli was sacked for zero for the second time in international cricket. Kohli was sacked for zero in the opening rounds of the fourth test. As captain, Virat Kohli has been absent 14 times in all three cricket formats. Before Kohli, Sourav Ganguly was dismissed from his captain 13 times to zero.

The Indian team could only score 124 points

The Indian team, which came out at bat first, could only score 124 points for seven wickets in 20 overs, with 67 points coming out of Iyer’s bat. In response, England made the game absolutely one-sided and lost the target by losing two wickets and hit the target with 27 balls remaining.

Chahal turned out to be very expensive

Chahal proved to be very expensive and conceded 44 points in four overs. At the same time, Akshar Patel, the hero of the Test series, gave 24 points in three overs and was unable to take wickets. After a long time, Hardik Pandya played 13 points in two overs and had no success.

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