The chance to make this great record against Team India, England have not lost the Home Test series for 9 years. News in Hindi

AHMEDABAD: Team India is very close to winning the test series against England, thanks to which they have a chance to set a great record. Let us know that in the four-game test series India has an unbeatable 2–1 lead. The first test match was won by England (227 races). After that, Team India won the second test by 317 races and the third test by 10 wickets.

India has been invincible for 9 years

India will need to win the fourth Test match or draw against England to advance to the World Test Championship final. If lost in the fourth test match, India could be excluded from the race for the final. Note that for 9 years, no team in the world has been able to beat Team India in the Test Series on its soil.

Team India took a lesson after this loss

The India team were last defeated by the England team in 2012 on their home soil. The England team, led by Alastair Cook, went on to beat India 2–1 in their own series of home tests. The Indian team took a lesson from that loss and won the last 12 test rounds played at their home so far.

India is the first country in the world to win the biggest series of 12 consecutive tests at home. Next comes the number of Australians, who have won 10 consecutive test series at home.

Country winning most consecutive home test series

India – 12

Australia – 10

Australia – 10

West Indies – 8

England – 7

South Africa – 7

If Team India wins the current test series against England, they will win the 13th consecutive series at their home. The fourth and final test match between India and England will be played in Ahmedabad from March 4.

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