Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy 2021: Mohammed Azharduddeen’s Bucket List Goes Viral in Social Media | Azharduddeen’s Bucket List goes viral, from buying a home to World Cup dreams; Had scored a century in 37 bullets

New Delhi: In the Syed Mushtaq Ali tournament (Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy 2021), many young players are showing their strength and the openings of this national tournament are spoken by the heads of cricket fans. This year the players surprised everyone with their performance, which Kerala drummer Mohammed Azharduddeen did. His innings against Mumbai are the subject of discussion across the country.

Azharuddin hit a century with 37 bullets.

In the match played against Mumbai, Kerala got a goal of 197 points, it looked like Mumbai had won. But then Azharudddeen appeared as a hero.

Young Kerala batsman Mohammad Ahruddin finished half a century in 20 balls for the first time. After that he finished his century in just 37 bullets. He scored a total of 137 points on 54 balls and remained undefeated until the end.

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Mohammed Azharduddeen only hit 9 fours and 11 sixes in his 137 runs. There is no corner of the field where they have not delivered the ball. Thanks to this round, Kerala won the match scoring 201 points for 2 wickets in just 15.5 overs.

Azharuddin’s Bucket List

Mohammed Azharduddeen’s stormy sleeve video has gone viral on social media, now his bucket list is getting more and more viral on Twitter. Everyone is talking about this star player.

In Ahruddin’s bucket list, he has thought about a lot of things about his future, which he wants to achieve. In this list, he set himself the goal of playing IPL for the first time. He also wants to mark 4 centuries in the Ranji Trophy. Apart from that he has to buy his house, he also wants to buy Mercedes Benz.

Not only that, these players want to compete in the World Cup for India in 2023.

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