Sunil Gavaskar revealed the truth about the sudden walkout of the Melbourne test in 1981 after 40 years | For the first time in 40 years, Sunil Gavaskar revealed what has always been discussed

Melbourne: Sunil Gavaskar, while clarifying the controversial walkout in the 1981 Melbourne test, said he was not in danger of being tried against him, but by commentary from Australian cricketers. Has been lost. And left the field with his fellow drummer.

Disagree with Pagbaba’s decision called ‘misunderstanding’

The series was in dispute due to some inconsistent decisions from the referees. Gavaskar was beaten by referee Rex Whitehead for Dennis Lillee’s leg cutter. It was Whitehead’s only third test game as a referee. Gavaskar felt the ball hit his bat and he objected to the decision and stayed in the crease. Gavaskar has now told 7 Cricket: “It is a misconception that I was angry with the turban decision.”

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Aussie player’s comments became the reason

Gavaskar said: “Yes the decision was disappointing but I only made the walkout because the Aussie players chased me as I passed Chetan (Chauhan) on my way back to the lodge. He told me to leave, then I came back and asked Chetan to come with me. Gavaskar also hit his bat on the mat so the refs could understand his displeasure. When Gavaskar was leaving Baman’s crease, according to reports, Lily had made a comment and this Indian drummer came back and asked his fellow opener Chetan Chauhan to come back.

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Gavaskar told the truth about the match

Chauhan accepted it but at the dividing line, team manager Shahid Durrani and assistant manager Bapu Nadkarni met the drummers and at their request, Chauhan returned to the compound. Gavaskar said: “ The ball took the edge of my bat. You could see the fielder from the short leg before. He did not appeal. He hasn’t even moved from home. He said, Dennis (Lily) told me I hit the ball on your mat and was trying to say, no I hit the ball. Earlier in the interviews, Gavaskar had said he regretted his decision to leave the pitch in such a controversial manner.


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