Steve Smith desperate for Australia’s re-captaincy, has now said the heart

Sydney: Legendary drummer Steve Smith has once again expressed his desire to captain his national team. He said if he had a chance again he would like to captain Australia.

Was captain in 2018

In 2018, Steve Smith suffered a one-year ban in South Africa over a bullet-tampering scandal. For this reason, he also had to lose his post as captain.

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Desperate for the harbor master’s office

Steve Smith told ‘News Corp’: ‘I’ve really thought about it very deeply and now I think I’ve reached a position where I’ll be anxious if I get a chance again.’

More harbor master’s office

After the case of tampering with the ball, the team’s attitude to victory was reviewed. Steve Smith helped his team to victory in the 2019 Ashes after the ban ended, but stayed away from the discussion about the captain.

‘The harbor master’s office will not pose any problems’

He said: “If cricket wants Australia and it’s the best for the team, then that will definitely interest me.” Smith has said that this controversy will remain associated with his name, but it will not allow him to become an obstacle in the way of returning to the captain position.

Learn from one’s mistakes

Steve Smith said: “Whether I’m leading the team or not, I have to live with the Cape Town incident. I have learned a lot in recent years and have become more mature as a human being.

‘I will continue to support the current captains’

Smith said: “I think if I have an opportunity I will be in a better position to handle it. If not, I will continue to support the team captain in the same way I supported Tim (Penn) and Finchi (Aaron Finch).

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