Srilanka cricket Lahore Terrorist attack referee Ahsan Raza March 3, 2009 cricket history | Terrible story of the world of cricket, where a referee was hit by two bullets in a terrorist attack in Pakistan

New Delhi: There was an accident in cricket history where the wounds were healed but their marks will never go away. An incident that no one has forgotten to this day. On March 3, 2009, a Sri Lankan cricket team was attacked in Lahore. At that time, Sri Lankan cricketers were traveling by bus to Gaddafi’s stadium. Activists opened fire on the bus near the stadium. The terrorists also used rocket launchers and grenades. Six members of the Sri Lankan team were injured in the attack. 6 Pakistani policemen and 2 civilians were killed.

At the time of this incident, there was one person whose fame is known to the world, but the way this person showed courage in this attack everyone saluted him.

Pakistani referee Ehsan Raza. Ihsan Raza was present on a bus when the Sri Lankan team was attacked. His bus driver died instantly. By the time everyone knew what was going on, Ehsan Raza had already taken two bullets. Blood flowed from his body like water. He began to feel that it is impossible to survive now.

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However, this provocative referee didn’t give up. Thilan Samaraweera, Kumar Sangakkara, Ajanta Mendis, Thilan Tushara, Taranga Paranvitana and Suranga Lakmal were also injured in this accident. Shortly after, all those injured in this attack were taken to hospital. Ahsan Raza also arrived at the hospital. Before that, the news of his death had reached the media and even his family.

After arriving at the hospital, Ehsan Raza remained in a coma for the next four days and his chances of survival were slim, but Raza continued to fight and remained hospitalized for 26 days. During this time, 86 stitches came to her body.

Raza (Ahsan Raza) recovered and after 9 months of this accident Ehsan Raza returned to the cricket pitch and now he is out of those terrible times.

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