Skalzang Kalyan Dorjey became the first Ladakh player to play for J & k | From grazing goats to teaching children, Skalzang Kalyan Dorjey explained how to become a cricketer

New Delhi: Cricket is a sport where big players come out from small places. The biggest example of this is former Indian team captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni (MS Dhoni). Likewise, a player has emerged from a similar location in the Jammu and Kashmir squad. This player is from Ladakh and his name is Skalzang Kalyan Dorjey. The great thing is that these players are the first cricketer from the Union Territory of Ladakh to join the Jammu and Kashmir cricket team.

This player was also a Buddhist monk

Skalzang Kalyan Dorjey revealed many great secrets in his life during a conversation with The Indian Express. Dorje was a Buddhist monk before he was a cricketer. Not only that, he also worked as a physical education teacher and besides training climbers, he also worked as a manager in a store selling sporting goods. From this, one can guess that Dorje’s passion for cricket has not waned even after doing a lot of work in his life.

Used for goats

Skalzang Kalyan Dorjey also said that there was a time in his life when he used to graze goats and is now the first player from Ladakh to play domestic cricket. This player further stated that in the Syed Mushtaq Ali trophy earlier this year he played for Jammu and Kashmir and that if Ranji’s season this year was not canceled due to Corona he would be became the first Ladakhi to play first-class cricket.

Skalzang Kalyan Dorjey added that he started playing cricket in 1999 at the age of 10. One of his uncles who lived in the Mahabodhi Society in Bangalore took him with him to the 1999 World Cup. During this time he started playing cricket with his children. After a few years he moved to Mysore. There he completed his bachelor’s degree in physical education. After that, he started to work as a sports teacher in a school there. In 2011, he quit playing cricket and worked as a follow-up camp director with a sports teacher.

The recognition was obtained during a local tournament

Skalzang Kalyan Dorjey had won a name in a local tournament in Ladak. He has also been voted Player of the Match several times in this tournament. As a reward, they got things like a gel, a cooler, a washing machine. Dorje’s dream is to make a name for herself in the game of domestic cricket. Dorje said he hadn’t forgotten this even today when Jammu and Kashmir captain Parvez Rasool handed him the first cap and said you are the first Ladakhi cricketer to play for Jammu -and-Kashmir.

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