Shoaib Akhtar congratulates Indian team on victory over Australia in boxing match | Shoaib Akhtar praises team with praise of Team India, salutes these players

Karachi: Former Pakistan fast pitcher Shoaib Akhtar praised the Indian team. In Melbourne, the Indian team beat Australia by 8 points. Shoaib believes that the team led by Ajinkya Rahane showed passion and commitment to win.
After being sacked for 36 years in Adelaide, the Indian team equalized the series by beating Australia in the second Test in Melbourne.

Akhtar (Shoaib Akhtar) said on his YouTube channel: “India has really left no stone unturned in feeding Australia. Emotion manifests itself in crisis. The Indian team has shown its competence and passion in times of extreme crisis. They have shown that they will not give up.

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Akhtar appeared more impressed that Rahane played his part effortlessly despite the absence of Virat Kohli, Mohammed Shami and Rohit Sharma.

Rawalpindi Express said, “Ajinkya led the team effortlessly. He didn’t try to get anyone’s attention by making the right changes to the bowling alley and now the success tells the whole story. They say if you work hard in silence, success tells.

Akhtar (Shoaib Akhtar) then praised his first test match against Mohammed Siraj and Shubman Gill, who performed well under pressure.

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He said: “Siraj lost his father, who wanted to see his son play for India. It was unfortunate. He took all his anger on Australia and paid true homage to his father.

Akhtar said: “ When you watch Gill you feel like he’s an unrivaled drummer that you’re going to see in the future. Ravindra Jadeja came to the team and contributed in every department ”.

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