Ship sinks in Japanese waters, three missing: Amore

Tokyo, May 28

A cargo ship sank Friday morning and three crew members were missing after colliding with another ship in Japan’s fast-moving waters. Nine of the 12 crew members of the Japanese cargo ship were rescued. The Coast Guard is searching for the rest in a watershed about four kilometers off the Imbari coast of Ahime state. The Byako ship collided with a South Korean chemical tanker on Thursday night and sank. Olsen’s pioneer tanker carrying acetic acid left China for Osaka, Japan on Tuesday. -ap

Boat capsizes in America, two killed, ten missing

Key West (USA): Two people were killed and ten others are missing after a boat capsized near the Florida Keys in the US. Petty Officer Jose Hernandez said the US Coast Guard rescued eight people in Key West and recovered two bodies from the water. He said two Coast Guard boats and several smaller boats were searching for the missing passengers. -ap

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