Serious allegations against Sydney Test security staff, ‘racial remarks made on Indian audience’ News in Hindi

Sydney: The racial comment about Indian fast bowlers Jasprit Bumrah and Mohammed Siraj (Mohammed Siraj) during the third test played at Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) between India and Australia (IND vs AUS) is under investigation.

Meanwhile, there is news that during this test, the security guard in the stadium also made racist remarks about an Indian spectator. The Indian television viewer about whom this racist comment was made revealed it himself.

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The spectator lodged a complaint saying that the officer present in the stadium had told him to “leave where you come from”. Krishna Kumar, who lives in Sydney, has officially filed a complaint against him.

He said he was targeted after carrying 4 banners on the ground on January 11. The banner contains anti-racial messages such as “rivalry is good, not racism”, “racism is not a partner”, “the color brown matters” and “austelia cricket brings more diversity”.

Indian spectator Kumar was reportedly arrested at the stadium gate and was not allowed to enter with the banner. Security personnel said the size of the banner was very large. After that, Kumar said he wanted to speak to the security supervisor. Kumar said after that the officer asked him to leave from there.

Krishna Kumar said, “The security guard told me that if you were to address this issue, go back to where you came from. I had a very small banner. I did it with my children’s paper. Kumar was asked to leave this banner in his car.

Kumar said after a long investigation and loud shouts from security officials, he finally took a seat in the direction of Victor Tumper. But where he sat, more security was provided in and around him. There was also a female security guard of Indian origin and she spoke another language.

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