Sehwag shared such a fun video of KKR’s loss that fans will be overwhelmed with laughter. News in Hindi

Chennai: Kolkata Knight Riders suffered a loss as they reached the threshold of victory in the IPL game played against the Mumbai Indians on Tuesday. After such a defeat of Calcutta, former Indian captain Virender Sehwag was very appreciative.

Sehwag shared this funny video

Virender Sehwag shared a funny WWE video on his Instagram account. In this video, Undertaker defeated Nickler Randy Orton from the coffin box.

Sharing this funny video, Sehwag wrote, “ Mumbai Indians have been doing the same for the last 5 overs with KKR, come back after death. This funny video from Sehwag is going very viral.

How did KKR lose the match?

KKR needed 31 points to win in the last five overs with six wickets remaining, but the Mumbai bowlers snatched the victory from their jaws. While Rahul has won four wickets for 27 races in four rounds, Krunal has taken a wicket after passing just 13 points in four rounds. Trent Boult also played brilliantly in the last over and took two wickets. He conceded 27 points in four overs.

Wins canceled in the last over

In the last end of the match, Kolkata Knight Riders needed 15 points to win. Trent Bolt only gave 4 points in this course and took 2 wickets. He made Andre Russell and Pat Cummins his victim. Even senior drummers like Dinesh Karthik couldn’t win their team in the last final.

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