Saudi Arabia asked for Indo-Pak talks: Amore

Islamabad, 9 May

Saudi Arabia has emphasized the importance of dialogue between India and Pakistan and called on both countries to resolve their outstanding issues. These include the Kashmir issue. Pakistan’s foreign ministry issued a joint statement with Saudi Arabia on Saturday. Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has met Prince Mohammed bin Salman in Saudi Arabia. Khan is on a visit to Saudi Arabia from 7 to 9 May. The joint statement said, “Pakistan and Saudi Arabia support negotiations on the Jammu and Kashmir issue to bring peace and stability to the region.” The recent agreement between India and Pakistan welcomed Salman’s strict implementation of the ceasefire. During Khan’s visit to Saudi Arabia, the two sides will review various aspects of bilateral relations. Other regional and international issues will also be discussed. Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have also signed an agreement to curb drug trafficking. -PTI

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