Sakshi Dhoni shares photo from MS Dhoni Dashing, Rishabh Pant Photobomb | Sakshi Dhoni shared a dashing photo of MS Dhoni, Rishabh Pant entered

New Delhi: After retiring from international cricket, MS Dhoni (MS Dhoni) spends his free time. Recently, Dhoni came to Dubai with his family for a vacation.

Sakshi Dhoni shared a photo

Sakshi Dhoni (Sakshi Dhoni), wife of MS Dhoni (MS Dhoni), shared a photo on her Instagram. In this photo, MS Dhoni looks very dashing.

She recently changed her look and fans are very fond of this style. Fans comment on this image and fiercely congratulate him.

However, apart from Dhoni and Sakshi, the Rishabh pants can also be seen in this photo. In the photo, Dhoni and Sakshi are talking to someone on the phone during a video call. He also wrote in the caption “Missing You Guys”.

In such a situation, Pant fans are trolling what they are doing in the photo. This image is becoming more and more viral on social networks.

Rishabh Pant Cartoon T-Shirt

In this photo, Rishabh Pant is wearing a red T-shirt of the cartoon character Tom. He also shared a photo of it on his page. He wrote the caption “How many of you have seen this famous cartoon?”

After sharing this photo, his cricket mates started to like it. Yuzvendra Chahal commented on this Rishabh Pant post in a very different way. He asked the keeper-beater, “You or Tom Bhai?”

Young Afghan spinner Rashid Khan (Rashid Khan) also didn’t lag in Rishabh Pant trolling. He commented, “I’ve seen you and Tom a few times.

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