Sachin Tendulkar shares a photo with his daughter Sara, writes a funny caption, see photo | People convinced by Sachin Tendulkar’s sense of humor wrote a funny caption when sharing a photo with his daughter

New Delhi: Legendary Indian player Sachin Tendulkar is on vacation with his family. Sachin shares photos on his Instagram. Recently, he shared a photo with his daughter Sara (Sara Tendulkar). In the photo, he is on a boat in the middle of the sea with Sara and the two are wearing a sports life jacket. Earlier too, Sachin shared a video on Instagram in which he enjoyed parasailing and in the background he performed the music “ Hum To Ud Gaya ”.

Sachin Tendulkar has yet to reveal that he says he is on vacation, but based on his post, it can be estimated that he is having a lot of fun with his family.

Sachin gave the photo a funny caption

Sachin Tendulkar (Sachin Tendulkar) gave a very funny caption on the photo he shared with his daughter. He wrote: “Sarah: Baba, are we lost in the sea? .. I: I am not Tyr ”.

This image is becoming more and more viral on social media and users are also very fond of Sachin’s joke.

Let us know that Sachin (Sachin Tendulkar) has posted numerous photos and videos on his Instagram for the past few weeks and every photo shared has a nice background but he has yet to reveal the location. Thousands of people are commenting on these photos from Sachin’s vacation.

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