Rohit Sharma’s challenge ahead of the T20 series, the batting will continue. News in Hindi

Ahmedabad: India’s vice-captain Rohit Sharma has said the Indian team are ready to make a big difference in the T20 5-game series against England. Rohit Sharma said his role will not change and he will do the same thing he used to beat.

Rohit’s style will not change

Rohit said: “ If we hit first we will give the team a good start. Nothing has changed for me. The attitude will remain the same while pursuing the goal, but the mindset will change because you have to evaluate a lot of things. Rohit Sharma scored 49 of 144 balls in the fourth test against England, but said it was depending on the circumstances. Rohit Sharma said: “I only scored 49 points, but I played around 150 balls. Personally, it was a big victory for me.

Who will be Rohit’s partner?

It will be interesting to see who among KL Rahul and Shikhar Dhawan will start the heats with Rohit Sharma. Regarding this, Rohit said, “We cannot disclose our suit. We will have to wait for the match. India have chosen new faces in the squad for the T20 series, while fast pitcher Jasprit Bumrah has rested, as Team India is preparing for the T20 World Cup. Rohit Sharma believes Team India does not see this series as a dress rehearsal for the T20 World Cup.

Focus on the playoffs rather than the T20 World Cup

Rohit Sharma said: “Team India is focused on winning. We won’t see it as a dress rehearsal for the T20 World Cup. We’re not thinking that far and we’re just focusing on winning the series. Rohit Sharma said: “If the focus is on the present, it will benefit in the future. It’s a long series and it’s important to see where we are as a team and as a player.

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