Rishabh Pant Separated From Social Media Due To Indian Criticism Against Australia | Rishabh Pant Away From Social Media, Said – Criticism Better To Ignore

New Delhi: Rishabh Pant, wicket keeper for Team India, who silenced critics by striking brilliantly in Australia, had isolated himself from the outside world before this tour but he “felt the pressure every day”.

It is historic to beat Australia at home and against this team Rishabh Pant was instrumental in helping India win the four-game series 2-1 by striking brilliantly in the Sydney and Brisbane tests. In her 97s in the fourth round in Sydney, India managed to draw, while on the last day of the fourth test she won an unbeaten match of 89 points. Previously, Indian cricket had high expectations from him, but he failed to meet them.

The pants moved away from social media

Pant (Rishabh Pant) told “India Today”: “I felt pressured every day, it is part of my game. As a person you have to trust yourself”.

He said, “If you get ahead, it means you get better. This is what I learned during this difficult time. Concentrate so much on your game that you can’t see anything else. It’s hard to do so many times because of social media, but I parted ways with it.

Appalling story in the world of cricket, where a referee was hit by 2 balls in Pakistan’s final attack

The 23-year-old wicket-keeper drummer said: “When you’re doing well people will write well, but when you don’t, they’ll criticize you.” It is part of the life of the cricketer today. In such a situation if you ignore the criticism and concentrate on your cricket then I think it’s better ”.

In Brisbane, as the Indian team chased a record 328 points in the fourth inning, Pant beat with the right mix of patience and aggression to lead India to victory. He was the third highest scorer in the series (274 points in three tests).

It was important for Pant to win the match

He said the Brisbane draw was not an option for him. Pant (Rishabh Pant) said: “Our mindset has always been to play normal cricket, even the team management talked about it in the first innings. We wanted to score points, we wanted to take advantage of weak balls and we wanted to do everything possible while standing in the crease.

He said, “The team management plan was to win. I was also playing with the idea of ​​winning. I want to win every game, for me the draw will always be the second option.

The pants were inspired by a tour of England

Pant (Rishabh Pant) said he was disappointed he did not live up to expectations at the 2019 World Cup in England.

He said: “The ups and downs are part of the game, the World Cup has been a great opportunity for me because it happens once in four years. I used to go out after I hit 30 races. I was very disappointed because it was a great opportunity for me. It affected my career and I started to focus on sports because there is always a chance to improve in life.

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