Respiratory Corona Testing Equipment Approved: Amore

Singapore, 24 May

Singapore officials temporarily approved the breathing coronal detection device within a minute today. The device was developed by three students from the National University of Singapore (NUS) and a professor of Indian origin. According to media reports, the device called ‘Briefness Go Kovid-19 Test System’ was developed by NUS’s Braithonics company and is the first approved device for testing corona by inhalation. The company said that Braithonics is working with the Ministry of Health to examine the corona through inhalation. Equipment will be installed at check posts across the country and visitors will be tested with this technique. According to the company, three students from NUS founded Brathonics. Jian Jhunan, Du Fang and Wain Wei have teamed up with Professor of Indian Origin T. Venky Venkatesan. -PTI

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