Ranjib Biswal reveals why MS Dhoni shaved his head after winning the World Cup in 2011 | After 10 years of victory in the 2011 World Cup, the great revelation, MS Dhoni had shaved his head

New Delhi: Ten years have passed since India’s second World Cup victory. India won the match by 6 wickets thanks to 97 races by Gautam Gambhir (Gautam Gambhir) and 91 not eliminated by captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni (MS Dhoni) in the final played at the Wankhede stadium in Sri Lanka on April 2, 2011 Dhoni had his head shaved after the World Cup victory. However, now it has been revealed why Dhoni did this.

Team leader revealed

At the 2011 World Cup, team manager Ranjib Biswal revealed why Dhoni (MS Dhoni) shaved his head after the victory. Biswal told ANI: “ After the victory, the players continued to party until 4.30am. He was surprised when everyone saw in the morning that Dhoni had shaved his head. It was the most shocking moment. In the morning after the final we will see Dhoni in this form, no one was aware of it. We all celebrated in the locker room until late at night, after which we all went to our room, what we saw in the morning was amazing. Dhoni had shaved his head. After seeing them we were surprised for a while.

Biswal (Ranjib Biswal) added that Dhoni (MS Dhoni) was with us as long as the celebrations continued. He later went to his room and had his head shaved. He didn’t tell anyone about it. Dhoni (MS Dhoni) keeps his feelings inside and doesn’t express much. I think Dhoni had to make a commitment. We don’t even know what the real reason was.

Lots of things had stolen in the past too

When India won the World Cup, many people were also saying that Dhoni (MS Dhoni) requested a vow in the temple near his home in Ranchi before the start of the World Cup. A temple priest advised him to go bald between three and three in the morning. Let us know that Dhoni was India’s most successful captain. India won two World Cups and a Champions Trophy under Dhoni (MS Dhoni).


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