Rajeev Shukla tweets the religion of the players of the Indian team Washington Sundar Troll | Rajeev Shukla tweets on the religion of Indian players, wrongly denounces the religion of Washington Sundar; Fans beat

New Delhi: Rajeev Shukla (Rajeev Shukla), Vice President of BCCI and Head of Congress, has entered the limelight due to the historic history of the Indian team. Rajiv Shukla did something after which Indian fans seriously provoke him.

Bad tricked Rajiv Shukla into tweeting

In fact, Rajeev Shukla (Rajeev Shukla) published an article about Team India’s victory over Australia. After this tweet, they are roughed up on Twitter. In this tweet, he spoke about the religion of the players.

Rajeev Shukla first tweeted with a photo in which one was Hindu and the other Muslim. Both are happy that India won. If this thing is understood by the people of the country, the policy of some parties presenting themselves in the name of unconditional Muslim and Hindu religion should be ended.

Mr. Mann, he would have quit the game, again you are in politics. Be ashamed of something!

– S # 0R ¥ A (@iamshoryav) January 25, 2021

He then tweeted and wrote: “Rishabh Pant-Hindu, Siraj-Muslim, Shubman Gill-Sikh, Washington Sundar-Christian. Together, they all won India ..! These two messages were sent to me by a friend of mine. What is your opinion’.

We only see Indians.

– Girish Tomar (@GarryTomar) January 25, 2021

After the tweets, users started trolling Rajeev Shukla on social media saying that they associate the Indian team’s victory with the religion of the players for politics.

Washington Sundar is Hindu I can’t believe you are close to BCCI and still post whatsapp submissions which are fake

– Saheb Abdullah (@sahebabdullah) January 25, 2021

Apart from that, Rajeev Shukla has declared Washington Sundar’s religion false. In fact, Sundar is from a Hindu family in Tamil Nadu and Shukla described Sundar as a Christian. After which, fans targeted the Vice President of BCCI.

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