R Ashwin opens doors on return to Indian limited-number squad | Can the white ball find a place in the team? R Ashwin opened the secret of his heart

New Delhi: Indian team veteran Ravichandran Ashwin (R Ashwin) recently played an important role in winning the series 3-1 against England. Ashwin (R Ashwin) was also voted Player of the Tournament in this series. Seeing Ashwin’s great performance in the cricket test, it was thought that Ashwin would be back in the limited overseas team as well. But that couldn’t happen. Now Ashwin himself has made a big statement on this issue.

Ashwin said this

On the question of his return to white ball cricket, Ashwin said these questions are laughable. Ashwin said in an interview with India Today: “You have to compete with yourself. Whenever I am asked about my return to the ODI team or my return to the T20 team or my dream of a white ball, then I feel that these questions are worth a laugh.

Don’t worry about people’s questions

Ashwin (R Ashwin) added that he doesn’t care about people’s questions. He said, “What questions should people ask, what is their opinion, I’m not worried to think about it.” At the moment, I think every time I go to play on the field, I should come back with a smile on my face.

Ashwin’s return to the limited overs team is tough

It is very difficult for Ashwin (R Ashwin) to return to the India Limited Overs team. Please say that captain Virat Kohli has already made it clear that it is difficult for Ashwin to come back to the squad due to Washington Sundar being in the squad as we don’t have two players with the same skills for be part of the team. Ashwin last played a limited match against India in July 2017.

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