Poonawala leaves the country due to increased vaccine pressure: Amore

London: Adar Poonawala, CEO of Serum Institute, India’s largest vaccine manufacturer, has said that the burden of coronovirus vaccine has been placed on his shoulders and he cannot do it alone. Poonawala said that the pressure has increased as the demand for a second wave of virus has skyrocketed. This week the Government of India has given him ‘Y’ category protection. In an interview with The Times, the chief executive said that he was angrily being called by some of India’s most powerful people, demanding supplies of Covilfield. The Covishield vaccine is being developed by the Serum Institute in India. Developed by Oxford / AstraZeneca. The 40-year-old entrepreneur said that due to this pressure he came to London with his wife and children. Poonawala said, “In such circumstances, I do not want to go back to India and stay in London.” Everything is on my shoulders, I cannot do everything alone. I’m just trying to do my job, and since you don’t meet the requirements of any X, Y, Z, you can’t sit down and guess what the next person will do. The businessman indicated in an interview that he is also thinking about producing vaccines outside India. An announcement can be made soon. Poonawala said, “Nobody expected the situation to worsen.” -PTI

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