Pitch Controversy Sunil Gavaskar Yuvraj Harbhajan VVS Laxman Pietersen India vs England 3rd test | IND VS ENG: Yuvraj Bhajji put his finger on old cricketers on Pitch Controversy, said Gavaskar – okay

Ahmedabad: England suffered a 10-wicket loss to the Indian team at Narendra Modi Stadium in Motera. England could not do anything in both sets and were sidelined for 112 and 81 points. With this victory for India, many questions began to arise on the ground of Motera.
Where many players have criticized the pitch, some players complain about the pitch. Several former players, including India Harbhajan Singh and VVS Laxman, said on Thursday that Motera’s turn was not ideal for test cricket, but the opinion of veteran Sunil Gavaskar (Sunil Gavaskar) is against this .

Gavaskar said in the pitch game

Sunil Gavaskar did not reduce the height. He said the batsmen lost their wickets due to a very defensive stance and most of them were returned on straight balls.

Gavaskar (Sunil Gavaskar) attributed the victory to Indian spinners Ashwin and Patel. He said: “ On this ground, Rohit and Crowley have marked half centuries. England were considering saving wickets instead of scoring points. Akshar Patel is to be thanked for the way he used special balls. Ashwin and Akshar’s performance was superb.

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At the same time, former England spinner Graeme Swann also failed to target the pitch. He criticized England for landing with just one spinner.

These players criticized the pitch

Former batsman Laxman (VVS Laxman) said: “ It was not an ideal pitch for a test match. Even the Indian drummers did not go ”.

Harbhajan Singh, one of the bowlers who took 400 wickets in India, believed so too. He said, “It was not an ideal pitch. If England had scored 200 points in their first heats, India too would have been in trouble. But the locations are the same for both teams.

Former England captain Michael Vaughan has also expressed his displeasure on the pitch. He tweeted jokingly: ‘If such arguments are prepared then I have an answer as to how it can work. Teams two to play three sets ”.

Yuvraj Singh also criticized the pitch but he also praised the performance of the Indian bowlers. He tweeted: ‘The match is over in two days, I can’t say for sure it’s good for test cricket. If Anil Kumble and Harbhajan Singh had played at such a wicket, they would have registered 1000 and 800 wickets in their name. What fate was still Akshar. Congratulations. Ashwin, congratulations to Ishant ‘.

Former England captain Kevin Pietersen tweeted in Hindi: ‘A wicket is fine for a game where a batsman’s skills and technique are tested, but I don’t want to see that kind of wicket anymore and I think all players don’t want very good, India. ”

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