Pakistan’s first Hindu woman passes civil service exam: Amore

Islamabad: For the first time in Pakistan, a Hindu woman has passed the country’s most important Central Superior Services (CSS) examination and has been selected for the Special Pakistan Administrative Service (PAS). Sana Ramchand is an MBBS doctor living in a rural area of ​​Shikarpur district in Sindh province, which has the largest Hindu population in Pakistan. He is ranked 221 in the list of candidates who have passed the CSS exam. 18,553 candidates appeared for the written examination. The end result will come after a medical, psychological and oral examination. After the results were declared, Ramchand tweeted that Wahiguru ji’s Khalsa, Wahiguru ji’s Fateh. He said, “I am happy to say that I thank Allah that I passed the exam and got selected for PAS.” -PTI

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