pakistani girl mysteriously missing

Vicky Batala

Reggio Emilia (Italy), May 28

Saman Habas, an 18-year-old Pakistani girl from the town of Novellara in Italy’s Reggio Emilia region, has been missing for nearly a month after refusing to marry her. No one has lodged a complaint with the police about the girl’s disappearance. Indeed, Pakistani girl Saman Habas had cited social services against her parents to forcefully marry her against her will in January, but Saman Habas was a minor at the time, so her parents failed to push her. . Based on the complaint, the police administration kept the girl in a separate house under their care till she became an adult. Police said the summons disappeared after a short trip to northern Europe. Saman Habas’s parents have secretly left for Pakistan from Italy. The police administration also looked at the list of passengers leaving Italy’s airports, which did not mention the summons. The mayor of the city council of Novellara, Elena Carletti, expressed concern over the girl’s disappearance.

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