Pak cricketer Umar Akmal reveals why he didn’t signal his match-fixing approach | Why did you hide the issue of reparation? Umar Akmal has now opened the secret

New Delhi: After a long time for star Pakistan cricketer Umar Akmal, good news has emerged. Omar faces an 18-month ban, but the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) has now reduced his suspension to 12 months. Omar has been banned from cricket for failing to report the Pakistan Super League (PSL) scoring offer. Omar has now revealed why he failed to notify the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) of the match-fixing.

Was afraid of information leaks

Umar Akmal said he did not notify the CCP of the one-time fixation offer because he was concerned that this information would be leaked. Omar told reporters in Lahore: “I had decided not to inform the PCB of the matter, because I was concerned that this information would leak and not remain confidential.

The ban was imposed last year

Umar Akmal was banned on January 20 last year for failing to report the on-site rigging offer to PSL. Omar was banned for three years by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). In July last year, Umar Akmal’s ban was reduced from three years to 18 months. But now his ban has been reduced to 12 months.

Will have to pay a fine of 42 lakh 50,000

After completing the 12-month ban, Omar will once again be eligible to return to cricket. However, for this, Akmal (Umar Akmal) will also have to pay a fine of 42 lakh 50 thousand. Umar Akmal had said earlier in July 2020 that he would appeal to court again to reduce his ban. He believed that in the past many players made such a mistake, but their punishment was reduced.

Pakistan is infamous for repairing

Pakistani team players are infamous around the world for securing points. Pakistani players are often found guilty in match-fixing cases. During the Lords 2011 test, three Pakistani players Mohammad Aamir, Mohammad Asif and Salman Butt were banned for life for match-fixing.

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